To ensure the long-lasting quality of your Kashmir swimwear correct care is essential. 

We recommend refraining from using machine washing and strong detergents on your swimwear, as they can be harsh on the delicate fabrics. To maintain the color and shape of your swimwear, we advise hand washing. Always rinse and wash in cold water using a mild fragrance-free detergent specially formulated for swimwear fabrics as soon as you have finished wearing your garment and reshape whilst wet.

Never put your swimwear away whilst damp, always wait until completely dry.

Do not dry your swimwear in direct sunlight, always dry in the shade.

Be aware of items that can damage your swimwear - Exposure to sunscreen, tanning lotion, oils and chlorine can potentially harm or discolour your swimwear. We recommend taking extra care when using these products and always ensure your skin is completely dry before coming into contact with your swimwear.

Please note rough surfaces can cause snagging on garments.

Please refer to the individual garment care card in your delivery for care instructions. If you have any further questions on caring for your Kashmir Swimwear please contact us at and we will be happy to help you!